About Keren-Or Atari

Keren-Or Atari is a gifted intuitive healer, spiritual teacher, and a visionary artist. She is a 24th generation healer in an unbroken lineage of Mayan Curanderos, a minister and instructor of Divine Intervention, Dimensional Mastery and a Light Language Master. Atari has had the honor of learning from several Masters and miracle workers, and is a protégé of world renowned Master Healer Starr Fuentes.

Keren-Or leads transformational retreats and workshops worldwide and at Ciranda, Brazil, and combines contemporary mysticism with powerful ancient healing modalities. She facilitates remarkable, empowering transformations, inspire and activates shifts in consciousness for her clients and students and is known for her special talent and success in healing and manifestation of soul mate relationships.

Keren-or is enthusiastic, intuitive and insightful. Grew up in Israel, today she lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.