Keren-Or Atari Artistic Bio

Keren-Or Atari is an Israeli painter, Visionary artist, Intuitive healer and Spiritual teacher.
Keren-Or drew & painted throughout her childhood & adolescence. In 1992 moved to NYC, pursuing her passion in the Art Student League & working as a Photoshop artist.
She achieved her Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts & majored in Graphic design.
Keren-Or has shown her work in several Manhattan galleries & in 1999 mounted her own solo exhibition there.

From 2002 Keren-Or has had the honor of learning from several Masters and miracle workers. Her spiritual journey has led her to explore shape and color within their basic energetic structure, and combine contemporary mysticism with powerful ancient shamanic modalities.
Keren-Or is a master in incorporating sacred geometry, magical colors and healing vibrations into her paintings.
In her Visionary Art and Mandala Healing Prayer workshops, participants are guided into exploring mystical dimensions, strengthening their connection to spiritual guides and painting with clear intentions.