My friend, Kai Karrel, just put this question out there through his Face Book wall: How do you reconcile the idea of surrender and the concept of co-creation and free will. What do you think?It brought up this text I wrote just a week ago. what a great coinsidance to post it now.When I am teaching the Light language some questions arrises about creating our reality, as for “controlling” results that maybe otherwise where decided to an unknown destiny.
Co-creating our reality with the universe is a wonderful dance of sharing responsibility of our life experience with the freedom of attachment to the results, therefor letting the universe webs of mystery create the outcomes.

A simple example to that is a  common situation when entering a restaurant for dinner, sitting on the dinner table and not ordering anything. a very possible outcome is that we will be out of the place as we had arrived…hungry.
Than we do have some options, we can order what we like to eat, make an effort to make a meal plan, using the menu or the waiter recommendation or just listening to our desires knowing what kind of restaurant it. as much as we can be specific the food will be similar to our taste, space, no gluten or dairy, with lots of sugar or without. than, letting go and waiting to the meal to arrive, not going to the kitchen and check the chef, checking the spices, herbs and combinations. simple waiting for the meal to come.
so do we create our reality? we definitely plant the seed and it is great to have some good quality seeds on our side with some fertile soil, right? what the other element wants to do how much sun, water and air, is up to existence that surely is creative enough to surprise us. who doesn’t like surprises?