3-4 hours class

In this class you will learn a powerful and simple method taught by the shamans of Mexico, to create automatic and ongoing manifestations of the things that really matter to you in your life.

You will learn to create a strong foundation for your manifestations by naming focused intention on action and emanating these effortlessly from your very being.

You are invited to come and shift the things you didn’t even know were holding you back from your full potential.

investment 33$

Very grateful for my beloved teacher Keren-Or & the Mayan Lineage of Curanderos de Mexico. Less is more! Simple & conscious act becomes a lifestyle of self Mastery. As we smoothly Stop over thinking & Start living fully, life becomes a miracle. Thank you.

Saad, Healers Lifestyle

This is a beautiful class. It was such a blessing to learn the Secrets of the Mexican Shaman. It made life sacred instantly. As someone who has gone through some monastic training, this really helped me to bring the sacredness of prayer into daily living and everyday life. Helping me to solidify what I already knew, which is God is in the small details. After the class I had a flu, I used what I learnt in class infusing everything I do with prayerful intention. Within a day, my flu disappeared. I also had a lot of unexpected kindness and help coming my way that day. Thank you Keren-Or for sharing your secrets!.

Ian Jin Yap, Traditional Healer