Classes, Workshops and Seminars


Classes are held in the Ciranda center, an hour from Rio de Janeiro and in Cirandinha center, Rio de Janeiro. Some classes are available Online.

Workshops and seminars are organized upon request in other places in Brazil as well as in different places in the world like Israel, Europe, Canada and the USA. 

Classes available in English, Portuguese and Hebrew.

“Keren-Or is a generous teacher and a gifted healer.  She transmits the profound light language teachings with clarity, humor, and lightness. She is invested in helping others heal and live their purpose, always supporting with her expertise and much joy, warmth, and love. Her uplifting presence is healing in itself and a blessing to all who cross her path.”

Jeanny Tsai - Filmmaker/photographer/healer

I attended Secrets of the Mexican Shamans and Animal Totems. I thoroughly enjoyed the class. My favourite thing is that these two classes help me celebrate and enjoy the little things in life. It helps me see them through sacred eyes. What a blessing indeed to be able to use it. After the class, I had a kerfuffle with some loved ones. I used the techniques in both classes and what was once difficult for me could be reversed in a matter of days. Keren-or is a teacher who loves to have fun and is very perceptive and helpful in guiding students to the next phase of their development. Go study with her!

Ian Jin Yap - Traditional Healer