Energetic Face Lift

In our own collective consciousness we assume that aging of our cells is irreversible and that old age comes with diseases and wrinkles.

From an ancient mystic tradition comes a unique process that allows reawaken of our cell original information, fresh clear skin that radiates life and youthing.

Come and experiment a gentle, soft and quick technique to renew the health of your cells, youthing and beauty.

Stop Aging and Begin Youthing!

What if we tell you that you can learn the techniques of face lifting using your own bare hands without using modern machines and tons of money? Have you ever wondered what it would be or feel like to have a facelift without the pain and expense?

Energetic Facelift is a transformational light-touch technique that activates revitalizing energies to restore clarity, radiance and youthful luster to the skin. When applied regularly, it reduces the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of aging. Experience visible results by the end of the class!

In this fun, interactive 5-hour workshop you will receive:

1. Hands-on protocol to establish a foundation for the Youthing process.
2. Youthful skin maintenance session
3. Easy and quick Youthing technique for yourself that can be applied as often as you desire.
4. Youthing Meditation.
5. Detailed handout with full color photos.

Restore your natural flow of energy and vitality. Highlight your Inner Beauty and Radiance! After learning this technique, you will be able to do it on yourself and others.