The Matrix Activation: The soul inner code

Align your life with your Soul Contract –
bring your original blueprint to life and activate your real potential!

Matrix Activations activate dormant soul contracts, bring clarity to destiny choices, break through illusions, and create increased vitality.

The matrix activation is a specialized technique for activating the five matrices your soul set into place when you were born.  These matrices connect to the intricate and multi-dimensional web of all that is, was, and will be:

Soul Matrix.   This matrix has everything to do with our soul contracts.  Sometimes our contracts encounter snags.  Such snags can create delays in completing a contract that needs to be completed, or in activating a contract that needs to be activated.  Often when this matrix is activated, soul contracts that have been “hanging around” get completed for the highest good of all concerned, and new contracts get activated.  This matrix helps clear numerous issues, including overattachment and fearfulness.

Destiny Matrix.  Fate deals with things that will happen in some way, shape, or form in our life.  Destiny deals with our free will choices.  Are you getting ready to make some significant life decisions?  Destiny Matrix, upon activation, brings “aha’s” more easily to the surface and clears confusion.  This matrix helps clear numerous issues, including excessive criticism and spreading oneself too thin.

Karma Matrix.  We all have karma that we are working through.  The activation of the Karma Matrix assists us in moving through our current karma more easily, gently, and quickly.  Do you tend to procrastinate? Procrastination is an a-void-dance of karma.  This matrix also helps to clear issues such as worry and low self-esteem.

Energy Matrix.  What do you do with your personal energy?  Energy Matrix activates increased vitality.  The activation of this matrix facilitates the flow of prana or chi throughout your energy field and body.  A future also healing occurs, storing vital energy in your body for a future date.   This matrix assists in clearing issues such as social awkwardness and being stuck.

Experience Matrix.  We often learn things in layers and through a progression of our growth.   Sometimes we think we learned all there was to learn from an experience, only to find out years later that there was a deeper truth being presented to us at that time that had previously been veiled.  Each phase of the learning process, and each piece of learning, is valuable.   The Experience Matrix cuts through illusions to the truth and shows us what is.  It also helps to clear numerous issues, including jealousy and martyr patterns.

The Matrix Activation is compact and profound, and its effects can be felt in all areas of a person’s life, especially in the 28 days following the session, and often continue over the following 3 months.

*An activation wakes up energies that have been lying dormant within you.

Join us and align your life with your soul purpose and activate your real potential!

O codigo Interno da Alma:

Alinhe a sua vida com o seu contrato de alma –
Viva a sua impressão de alma original e active o seu verdadeiro potencial!

mais info:
Ensinamentos e introspecções da perspectiva da alma, trabalho interior e iniciação às técnicas ancestrais de cura xamânica que irão suporta-lo e apoia-lo a estar alinhado com o seu contrato de alma e activar o seu potencial e estar cada vez mais próximo de ser um cristal puro.

Activar as matrizes que foram escolhidas pela sua alma antes de encarnar, conectando e coordenando cinco aspectos da sua vida: contrato de alma, condicionamento Kármico, escolhas de fé, integração de experiencias e optimização de energia.

Este é um processo de cura da causa original que move a maior parte das formas de energia e restaura o modelo original. O seu modelo original, contem a informação desta vida e cria uma fundação que avança para abraçar o potencial com a realidade.

Neste workshop irá:
• Aprender como activar as matrizes para si, outros, cidades e países.
• Ser iniciado à técnica de cura.
• Experienciar dar e receber cura.
• Receber claridade e introspecção acerca do seu caminho na vida.

Junte-se a nos, alinhe a sua vida com o seu contrato de alma active o seu potencial real!