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* Divine Intervention 


Advanced Mayan Healing and Self Mastery Intensive: April 12th-27th, 2021

Ciranda, Brazil/ with Keren-Or Atari and guest teachers



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*Beginning Light Language / June 29-30 / Online class



* Intermediate Light Language / July 26-27-28-29 / Online class

* Available for private sessions from July 22nd



* The 64 gifts / August 14th / Online class



 * Catalan Solids class / September 18th / Online class

* Harvest Moon Youthing Ritual: September 21st 2021 / Alto da Boa Vista, Rio de Janeiro



 * Advanced Light Language October 20-22 and 25-29, 2021


Inner Laws and the Catalan Solids Online Class


September 18th,  2021 /

The Catalan solids class teaches us to be in alignment with each of the 12 INNER LAWS, with whom we are in deep conviction and in resonance with in our life. The inner laws shape our decisions as well as the direction that relationships often unfold for us.
When we accept and own a new Inner Law it would present itself as a valuable learning tool for our growth and development, by being in alignment with our authentic self.
You will be initiated to the energy and wisdom of the 13 Catalan solids (advanced sacred geometry)
Manual is provided.
* Class is open for all who wish to expand their consciousness about their patterns and receive great tools for growth and healing.
No Light Language prerequisites !
For LL practitioners: Once you have received the downloads, you can use the shapes to support your 49 shape grids.
investment: 155 USD
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