The 12 Initiations of Mastery

2 days Seminar

In numerous and varied spiritual traditions worldwide, when a student is ready for a new level, he receives an initiation or initiations from his master teacher. An initiation starts or re-starts an energy in a person’s life, bringing them into new realms of existence. It is a formal process for bringing about specific long-term changes in human consciousness.

An initiation serves a variety of purposes:

– To familiarize the student with a specific type of energy.
– To bring together knowledge and experience, so that wisdom can arise.
– To increase the degree of awareness and mindfulness.
– To raise the student’s vibration.

Different lineages hold the teachings and downloads for different types of initiations. The Druids have brought together and passed down the knowledge and transmissions of 144 initiations in a 12 x 12 configuration.

In this class you will receive 12 of the possible 144 initiations. The 144 initiations are divided into 12 categories, each of which contains 12 possible initiatory gifts. You will learn about all 144 initiations and choose one from each category. The choosing process is like putting together a wardrobe – the initiations you choose need to work with each other in order to make a complete outfit. Through the initiations you choose, you will activate your conscious free will for creating and configuring your future. You will discover what fits and what does not fit together in your life, bringing through your own unique construct for wholeness and completion.

In earlier times, it was necessary for the student to spend years with the master, in order to receive any of the initiations offered in this class. In the last decades, time has accelerated, and it is now possible to receive the 12 Initiations in one weekend.