Keren-Or is a gifted artist and healer.  She has the grace and light of sheer mastery.  I’ve watched her work with people and through her gently and loving nature have them drop away all of their barriers and let themselves be loved, let themselves finally be healed.  It is a rare gift to hold this type of Divine Feminine power that Keren-Or posseses.  Come study with her and be loved beyond measure so you can learn to truly love yourself.
Brook Still, Master Healer and teacher, USA

Meeting and studying with Keren-or brought such a major shift in my life- through her laughter, joy,  wisdom and magic I experienced deep healing physically and emotionally as well as quantum spiritual leaps. As her student I always feel her support shining a bright light on my path. Her teaching has made me evolve and expand beyond any expectations.
Keren-Or’s grace and happiness is touching all hearts and inspires to celebrate life with higher vibrations, greater awareness and endless flow of creativity.

Ori Ohayon, Healer and Inspirational guide, Israel

Being a healer myself, teaching and practicing the healing arts, it’s not often I get to meet such a talented intuitive healer as Keren-Or. Her clarity, her approach, her depth of experience and wisdom are truly remarkably unique. she is such a gem in this field. She helped me recognize patterns which were holding me back, unhook energetic ties to my past and literally help a paralyzing toothache disappear.
Watching her work with individuals and groups of people was so inspiring and I can’t recommend working with her enough.

Kai Karrel, Mystic, Author and Spiritual Teacher, USA

Keren-Or is brilliant in her work, with her great healing ability and Sensitivity she helped me and my family so much In the recent years. she’s also a great fun person.  with gratitude.
Shaul Margalit, Musician, Israel

Keren-Or has the most beautiful combination of ancient wisdom together with freshness & a pure child spirit.
She is a master who brings the ability to see beyond, reflect the truth, heal what needs change,& create new colorful healthy forms. I love the way she walks the talk in her daily life, sings & paints her message to the world.  I appreciate her power, her clarity, modesty & joy of life.
Whoever has the chance to be in her presence, receive her healing or teaching – is simply blessed.

Noa Peled, Singer, Songwriter and Teacher, Israel

Keren-or is a wonderful healer and artist, with a genuine, humble, pure and loving presence. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to work and study with her.
Egon Castlunger, Yoga teacher and Musician, Swissarland

Keren-Or is a wonderful combination of devotion to the spirit & lightness of being in a lovely and wise woman! She sparks!

Homaya Amar, Master Teacher and Healer, Portugal

Keren-Or guides me and is helping me to find the path of my heart and soul , and finding the power in it through love and joy.

Itai Segal, Musician, Israel

Keren-or is a generous teacher and a gifted healer.  She transmits the profound light language teachings with clarity, humor, and lightness. She is invested in helping others heal and live their purpose, always supporting with her expertise and much joy, warmth, and love. Her uplifting presence is healing in itself and a blessing to all who cross her path.

Jeanny T. filmmaker/photographer/healer, USA