Ciranda Center

Ciranda is a nonprofit Organization Center in a tropical forest of Brazil.
We are group of devoted and passionate people whose aim is assisting others to transform their lives into a state of empowered and joyful living. We offer a wide range of classes and retreats from Art, Music and Yoga to Healing and deep transformational ceremonies.  Our mission is to preserve our environment while holding an ecological integrity.

Less than 2 hours from vibrantly beautiful Rio de Janeiro, Ciranda is situated in a gentle, lush green wilderness dappled with flowers and blossoms, and private forest trails meandering from one waterfall and pool to another.

The essence of Ciranda provides a sacred space that awaken the best in the human spirit, inspire sharing and harmony, rejuvenate the body and soul and connect with nature.

Host your event, workshop, seminar or retreat in Ciranda

We offer our facilities to host your own seminars or events.

Ciranda provides the venue necessary to facilitate gatherings and educational workshops with the capacity up to 100 people and lodging space up to 60 people.

Please contact to for further information.