Visionary Art workshop Retreat

Keren-or Atari is inviting you to join her on a quest of expressing the spirit through visionary art.

This special workshop will guide participants, using various techniques of meditation, ritual and magical practices, to get in touch with spiritual realities and develop skills and confidence in expressing through the medium of art.

Visionary Art begins by listening to the inner voice and perceptions of the soul. This form of art is designed to help one connect to positive metaphysical energy and explore higher levels of consciousness. Often inspired by altered states of consciousness, visionary artists co-create with spirit and transmit through the use of color and form.

In this weekend creative workshop retreat, Keren-Or will guide you on a journey of art as an expression of spirit, the development of higher-self awareness and the exploration of multi dimensional reality.


– An active forest meditation

– Multi media presentations

– Mandala prayer

– Exploration of other dimensions

– Painting with the Inner child

– Individual and group art exploration

– Connecting with your spirit guides

– There will be one visionary art quest / medicine ritual during this workshop (When workshop is at Ciranda center).